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Are Spider Mites Harmful to Humans & Can Spider Mites Bite?

Those who do gardening or have a passion for gardening will be well-acquainted with spider mites.

But those who are knowing about spider mites for the first time, then let me tell you that this is a very common pest that you can see around your trees, plants, and garden.

Spider mites are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. And when something is not visible, it becomes even more dangerous.

In such a situation, many people had the question “Are spider mites harmful to humans, or do spider mites bite humans”?

Here we will also talk about Two Spotted Spider Mites, Red Spider Mites and White Spider Mites and know which of the three is more dangerous?

Before knowing whether spider mites are harmful to humans, let us know a little about spider mites.

What Are Spider Mites?

Spider mites are descendants of Tetranychidae. Medium-sized (0.8 mm) mites that feed on plants are called Tetranychidae.

Spider mats are very small in size, they can be up to 1 mm in size.

Although it is not easy to see them with the naked eye, still if you look closely, it looks like silvery dots crawling on the leaves.

You can easily see them with the help of magnifying glass.

Although there are more than 1200 species of spider mites, three of them are the most common. Two-spotted spider mites, Red spider mites, and White spider mites.

1. Two Spotted Spider Mites:

Two-spotted spider mites are as tiny as a fiftieth of an inch to about 0.02 mm in size.

Their body is oval in shape and it is mainly seen in three types of colors. such as translucent, greenish-yellow, orangeish-red.

These spider mites eat the cells of the leaves, due to which the color of the leaves turns yellow. Or you may even start seeing spots on the leaves.

2. Red Spider Mites:

are spider mites harmful to humans

Red spider mites also belong to the family of Tetranychidae and they also feed on plants. You get to see two types of red mites. Such as European and Southern.

Southern red spider mites are capable of attacking a wide variety of plants, the most important of which are azaleas and camellias while Europen red spider mites are seen only on Apple plants.

3. White Spider Mites:

White spider mites are also capable of infesting a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants.

But what sets them apart from the other two spider mites is that they can infest the wood in your house as well.

Sometimes people consider them to be termites because they look a bit like termites.

Now you know about the common species of spider mites. So now let’s move to the main question are spider mites harmful to humans?

Are Spider Mites Harmful to Humans?

As reported by NLH (National Library of Medicine) in its study, when methacholine bronchial provocation tests were done on some fruit farmers, people of metropolitan area, people of rural area, from adults to the elderly, prevelence of Asthma and Rhinitis were found as they came in contact with Two Spotted Spider Mites.

In adults (20-35 years), its effect was seen between 7.8% to 16.4%, while in people 36 to 50 years, its effect was seen from 9.4% to 24.7%. And the greatest effect was seen in people over the age of 50, which ranged from 17.7% to 21.7%.

Thus those people who have sensitization from mites may get a problem from two spotted spider mites and they can manifest Asthama and Rhinitis.

From this it was understood that two spotted spider mites can be harmful to humans. Now let’s talk about the other two species of spider mites, are they equally harmful?

Are Red Spider Mites Harmful to Humans?

Red spider mites are also a very common species of spider mites.

This species is found in plants, trees, gardens and greenhouses. It is harmful for plants but not at all for humans.

Because no such study has come to the fore so far that suggests any kind of health issue with red spider mites.

Red spider mites are not harmful but it would be wrong to say that they do not bite.

Although their bite is not felt, but the place where it bites, the skin gets red, which is itchy. But it does not transmit any kind of disease.

Are White Spider Mites Harmful to Humans?

Like the other two species of spider mats, it also survives by eating plants.

White Spider Mites do not bite humans. Because they do not have teeth like the other two species.

No such study has come to the fore regarding white spider mites to know whether they are harmful to humans or not?

But many people believe that when white spider mites shed their hair, then these hairs fly in the air carrying a lot of allergens which can cause many types of allergic reactions in people.

After knowing about the three species of spider mites, it must have been clear to you which species are harmful to humans and which are not.

Let us now know which of these species bites humans and what is its effect?

Do Spider Mites Bite Humans?

Two Spotted Spider Mites and Red Spider Mites bite humans but White Spider Mites do not. Because they don’t have jaws and teeth.

When spider mates bite you, they don’t feel their bite. But after a while, red rash occurs in that place or small bumps are formed and itching starts at the bitten place.

This problem resolves on its own within two weeks or even earlier. You do not need any doctor’s consultation for this. Because as mentioned in the above study, spider mites do not transmit any disease.

And if you want, you can also use anti-iching creams, this will cure it more quickly.

How to Cure Spider Mite’s Bite?

As soon as you see the bite marks of spider mites, try to remove them immediately. Because the longer it sticks to your skin, the more trouble you will have.

To remove spider mites from the skin, rub some anti-allergic soap on the bitten place with the help of a washcloth.

After rubbing, wipe it well with a soft towel and after that you can apply hydrocortisone cream on the affected area.

The itching caused by spider mites bites is quite intense and irritating. In such a situation, this is the best way to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Whenever you feel that a spider mate has bitten you, immediately wash your hands thoroughly and do not eat anything before washing your hands.


Spider mites make a living by eating only plant cells and can prove to be a dangerous pest for your plants and trees. But they can also be a trouble for humans.

People who are more sensitive to mites are at risk of developing diseases like Asthma and Rhinitis when they come in contact to spider mites.

Only two spotted spider mites are responsible for Asthma and Rhinitis. White spider mites and red spider mites do not pose any risk of Asthma and Rhinitis. I hope now you get the answer of the question “Are Spider Mites harmful to humans?”


Can spider mites cause allergies?

Yes, if you are mite-sensitive then you are more likely to get Asthma or Rhinitis from two spotted spider mites. It has also been told in the study of NLH that it can affect any age group between 20-50 and above.

Do Two Spotted Spider Mites Bite Humans?

Yes, the two Spotted Spider Mites and Red Spider Mites have the ability to bite humans. Because they have very strong jaws and teeth.

Do White Spider Mites Bite Humans?

White spider mites do not bite humans. Because they do not have both jaws and teeth.

Which is more dangerous to humans between Two Spotted Spider Mites and Red Spider Mites?

Two-spotted spider mats are more dangerous to humans. Because of this there is a risk of getting serious diseases like Asthma and Rhinitis. And it has been proved in studies as well.
Red spider mites can cause different allergic reactions. When they shed their wings and humans inhale them.

How to protect yourself from spider mites?

Whenever you see spider mites web on your indoor plants or outdoor plants, do not touch the area with your skin at any cost.
or you can touch with the help of gloves. Or, you can touch up the plants after treating them first, using an anti-spider mite spray. If there are indoor plants, isolate those plants outside so that they are out of reach of children.

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