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How to make a successful water leak insurance claim

Have you faced a water leaking problem in your house and had taken a dedicated insurance policy regarding this but don’t know how to get the claim? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. In this discussion, we’re going to clarify the steps which let you know how you can easily claim a water leak insurance claim. Well, it is not that easy to apply for a claim and get the claim. You have to be knowledgeable about what are the steps you have to pursue to complete the insurance claim of a water leak.

We all know that insurance companies place plenty of policies and if you make a mistake and violate a sh gel polish then you become unable to get the proper claim of your loss. So, we have detailed the complete procedure below. Follow it as it is and you’ll get the claim of your loss very soon.

Step 1:- Stoppage of water wastage

The first thing which you have to do is to stop the wastage of water which occurs after a leakage in the water pipe. For stopping the water flow you have to take some action like stopping the water flow in your complete house. Or you can also bind a cloth tightly to stop the water flow. Also, make sure that all your electronic devices are switched off.

Step 2:- Analyze the loss and act on it

The 2nd thing you have to do is to analyze the loss you faced due to water leakage. This is why, because there are some types of water loss which can be covered under home insurance. So, you don’t even have to apply for a water leakage insurance claim. Here, you have to analyze whether your loss can be covered through home insurance or not. Well, if you’re a newbie and don’t know what type of water damages can be covered under home insurance then see the list below:-

  • Accidental plumbing and appliance damage.
  • If the pipes become frozen and burst.
  • Leakage.
  • Vandalism.
Note:- Is the claim not covered under home insurance?
* If the groundwater is setting into your basement.
* Leakage from old corded pipes.
* The unmaintained roof provides leakage.
* Damages due to heavy Mot, Fungus, or rot.
water leak insurance claim
If you have faced the leakage problem for these reasons then you’re unable to get the claim of water leakage under home insurance.
water leak insurance claim

Step 3:- Talk to your agent

After getting identified the type of claim which you’re going to claim, immediately call your agent and report to him the loss you faced. According to the FEMA, the report of mold and rot is acceptable when placed within 24-48 hours after the completion of exposure. So, if your pipes get first on Friday then you have to report this issue before the next Monday. If you’re unable to do so then you violate the policy and are unable to get the claim from the insurance company.

Step4:- Cleaning the damage

After completing the report, it’s time to clean up the damages which occur in your home. If there is mold, or algae anywhere then use the cleaning chemical to clean all your hours and keep it dry to access moisture.

Step 5:- Leave your home if required

Sometimes, the damage occurs from the water pipe burst or water leakage issue so it becomes impossible to stay in the house. If you’re facing this issue then you have to make a call to your insurance company because they place hotel accommodation facilities to the policyholder. So, you can easily talk to them with the eye suspect of the water leakage event and claim your hotel accommodation facility from the insurance company.

Step 6:- Take photographs of the damages

At this step, you have to take photographs of the total damage which you have. Also, you should take prints of it so that you can easily send them to the insurance company. Make sure that you only have to take photos of damages which happened due to water leakage only. Photos of other types of previous damages will lead to violating the policy. So, do this work carefully.

Step 7:- Adjuster

At this step, you have to meet with the adjuster and bring him into your house to analyze the loss and possibility of replacement. Well, you don’t have to find it because the insurance company sent him to analyze the damages and losses that occur due to the water leakage.

Step 8:- Get the Loss adjustment

Here, you have to complete the valuation of ACV Vs replacement. Well, this is a mechanism of cost of damages which you occur. Let us know with an example:- Suppose you have faced the loss of pipes which cost you around 20K but the insurance policy provides you with the claim at the current price of the material. So, according to the example, you’ll get the claim of the amount which occurs after deducting depreciation on 20K.

Step 9:- Complete the repairing

Here, you have to let the agent pay the middleman after negotiating and doing various further documentation. Let your repair get completed and let the insurance company pay for your expenses. Wells, we recommend you to get this damage as an opportunity to renovate your house. Let us tell you that your insurance company will not go to pay the amount in which you can complete your damages and renovate your house too but by spending some amount you’ll get a house with better conditions.

Note:- what if the application gets rejected
Well, if your application for the claim gets rejected by the insurance company then you don’t have to lose hope. Just meet with an Independent insurance agent and he’ll let your work be done through many other ways under which the chances of getting the claim increased.
water leak insurance claim
water leak insurance claim

Final words

In this way, you can easily complete your insurance damage claim due to water leakage. We hope that you get proper information regarding applying for an insurance claim. If you still have any queries then you can comment to us. We’ll try to figure it out. You have to make sure that you read the policies, terms and conditions of the policy at the time of taking and if you’re eligible to get the claim then only contact the insurance company.

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