Keep these 3 things in mind in UPSC interview

aspirants fail in UPSC interview round even after clearing two tough rounds like preliminary and mains exam. The reason behind this is morale breakdown. Let’s know what to do during the interview.

UPSC is the toughest exam in the country. Every year lakhs of students appear in UPSC exam. There are 3 stages in this exam, 1st – Preliminary Exam, 2nd – Mains Exam and 3rd Round is Interview. Students with good academics crack the prelims and mains exams, but almost all candidates get stuck in the interview round. Personality weakness is the main reason for failure in interview.
When students fail the interview round after succeeding in two tough rounds, their morale is broken. That’s why today we are going to tell you some special tips to present your personality in the best way during the interview.

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Interviewing teachers during UPSC only ask basic questions to know the confidence of the children. For example, how many states are there in India? Sometimes students panic and answer 25 or 30 and then they are quiet for a while. A candidate who answers 9 out of 10 questions with a vague expression on his face fails the interview. Even if you get a question wrong, stick with it.

Answer calmly:

It is often asked in interviews how do you handle yourself when you are angry?
It shows whether a person has the ability to manage his anger or not.
Does he know how to control his anger?
Many people confuse the answer to this question. Because of which their chances of failure increase significantly.
In this situation, stay calm for a while and answer this question in such a way that it seems that you not only know how to control your anger, but you can also control the anger of others. Children get nervous. During the interview, just keep answering the questions.
If you want to make a good impression in the interview, answer the questions with a smile. Govt Jobs UPSC

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