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Team India split, one team will go to Australia for T20 World Cup

The ODI series against West Indies and Team India is now underway. After that, the Indian team will have to play a five-match T-20 series against the West Indies. After the West Indies tour, next month the Indian team will also visit Zimbabwe after 6 years.

According to the latest information, after completing the tour of Zimbabwe before the T20 World Cup, Team India will play T20I and ODI home series against Australia and South Africa. Team India’s T20 squad will travel to Australia for the World Cup in October this year.

Team India Next terget world Cup 2022

Meanwhile, the rest of the Indian team will be in India to play the ODI series against South Africa. Jay Shah, BCCI secretary for the series with South Africa, said that India now has two national teams, which are of equal strength. So the three-match ODI series will be played simultaneously against South Africa while the other Indian team will travel to Australia for the T20 World Cup.

Team india Terget T20 world Cup win 2022

This year’s T-20 World Cup will be played in Australia from October 16. So in October, a team of Team India itself will play an ODI series against South Africa. Before the ODI series, the South African team will also play a three-match T20I series against the Indian team. Before the South African team, Australia will also play a three-match T-20 series against India. Let’s know when and where the T-20 and ODI series will be played:

Ind vs sa

Team india SCHEDULE 2022

1) India – Australia T-20 series:
1st match – 20 September,
2nd match – Mohali 23rd September, Nagpur

3rd Match – 25th September, Hyderabad

2) India-South Africa T20 Series:
1st Match – 28th September, Tribmundry
2nd Match – 1st October, Guwahati
3rd Match – 3rd October, Indore

3) India-South Africa ODI
First match of the series – October 6, Ranchi
Second match – October 9
Third match – October 11, Delhi

SCHEDULE T20 2022T20
India-South Africa T20 Series:1st
1st Match – 28th September, Tribmundry2nd
2nd Match – 1st October, Guwahati3rd
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