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5 Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom Floor-How Harmful Are These?

If you are seeing tiny black bugs crawling on your bathroom floor, and you are very concerned about them then you have come to the right place.

Tiny black bugs in the bathroom floor can be of different species.

Some can be with wings and some without wings and some can be harmful and some are not.

In this article, we will talk about 5 such bugs that you can often see crawling on your bathroom floor, around the drainage, bathroom walls, or ceilings.

7 Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom Floor:

So without delay, let’s know about these 7 annoying tiny black bugs.

  1. Drain Flies:
  2. Booklice:
  3. Earwigs:
  4. Fungus beetles:
  5. Bed bugs:

1. Drain Flies:

Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom Floor

Drain flies are a very common pest seen on bathroom floors. It is also known as sewer flies, sink flies, and sewer gnats.

Now you must be thinking that what has this little pest done that has given it such a disgusting name?

Drain flies are attracted to drains that haven’t been cleaned for a long time and have a slimy film on them or standing water.

they love to breed in such slimy film of your bathroom drains and also they feed on it.

Drain flies are in moth shape and around 1.5 to 5mm long. Their color can vary from tan, black, or gray.

They have two wings, which are covered with long black hair, which gives them a fuzzy look.

Their favorite places are bathroom drains, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, and septic tanks. You can also find these glued on the walls of the bathroom.

Drain flies are most active in the summer and are most visible to you in the evening times.

Are Drain Flies Harmful to Humans?

Drain flies do not usually harm human health, but in some reports, it has been reported that drain flies can worsen the problem of bronchial asthma.

This happens when they are in large numbers and shed their feathers. And while breathing, their tiny wings go inside with the breath.

Second, if it comes out of the drain and settles on any food item, then it can also make humans and pets sick.

2. Booklice:

Booklice are also quite common among the bugs seen on the bathroom floor. They are also known as psocids.

Their length ranges from 1mm to 2mm and their color varies from translucent to brown, gray, and black.

Indoor species do not have wings but outdoor Booklice have wings. The indoor species also have slender shape antennae.

Booklice are most attracted to mold and moisture and damp dark places. If they do not get enough humidity, they will die. Therefore they are most active in spring and summer.

Kitchens and bathrooms are heavens for booklice as they find their favorite food there and a conducive place to breed. Their favorite food is starchy materials, molds, fungi, etc.

Are Booklice Harmful to Humans?

So far, no such reports or research have come to the fore in which there has been talking of Booklice being poisonous or transmitting any disease to human beings.

So we can say that Booklice are not at all harmful to humans.

3. Earwigs:

You must be wondering why it is called Earwig. There is a false myth about this tiny insect that it enters your ears while you sleep.

Like Booklice and Drain flies, Earwigs also love humidity and moisture. Hence bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms, septic tanks, etc. are hotspots for their feeding and breeding.

Earwigs have elongated, flattened bodies and they also have dark markings on their body.

Their color is mostly dark brown and black, the color of some of their species is also reddish-brown or pale brown.

There is no definite measurement of their size. But their average size can be between 2mm to 50mm i.e. from 0.2 inches to 2 inches.

When they keep their wings folded, they appear very small, but when they fly with their wings open, they appear 10 times larger than their size.

Let us now know if these Tiny Black Bugs are Harmful to Humans or not?

Are Earwigs Harmful to Humans?

Because they have forceps and they look quite scary. In such a situation, the question coming into the mind of whether it is harmful to humans or not is very justified.

So let us tell you that Earwigs are not at all poisonous and Harmful to Humans. Nor has there been any report or study that has proved that Earwigs have caused harm to humans.

4. Fungus beetles:

Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom Floor

As the name suggests, these beetles are attracted to fungus. And like to live in such places where there is mold, moisture, and fungi.

In appearance, they are of a lateral eye shape. Their average length can range from 5.5 mm to 7 mm. Their color is dark brown and dark black. And their behavior is very dull and slow. They don’t have wings.

You can often find these tiny black fungus beetles crawling all over your bathroom floors, kitchens, and basements.

If you are seeing them in your bathroom floor, one of the reasons could be poor sanitation.

No such report of fungus beetles has come to the fore so far, in which the facts are shown about human harm.

5. Bed Bugs:

Believe it or not, the experience of many people say that bed bugs hide in the bathroom too.

It can be hidden under your toilet seat or under a broken tile on the bathroom floor, rugs lying in the bathroom. And sometimes you may even see them sticking on the walls of the bathroom. And it has been seen many times that they also hide in the bathroom drains.

Sometimes people also mistook them as fungus beetles. Because it looks very similar.

In appearance, they are of flat oval shape and their size varies from 5 mm to 7 mm almost the same as that of a black fungus beetle. Their color is also reddish brown-black, just like the fungus beetle.

Are Bed Bugs Harmful to Humans?

Since bed bugs suck the blood of humans, the question comes to the mind of many people whether bed bugs have the ability to transmit any kind of disease to humans or not.

We want to tell you that the bites of Bed bugs do not transmit any kind of disease. But yes, their bites definitely cause terrible itching and red bumps are formed on the bitten place.

People who have very sensitive skin, if they are bitten by bed bugs in the same place again and again, then may have skin-related issues at that place.

Now we will tell you how to get rid of tiny black bugs in your bathroom.

How to Get Rid of Tiny Black Bugs in Bathroom & How to Prevent Them?

By the way, these tiny black bugs crawling on your bathroom floor are not so harmful. But they are so filthy in appearance which does not look good in your beautiful home.

So let us tell you some effective methods to say bye-bye to these unwanted guests.

Clean The Bathroom Drains:

These tiny bugs first enter your bathroom through the drain, so it’s important to clean them first. So let’s go step by step.

Step 1: First of all boil half a gallon of water. And pour it into the drain. Any debris that is there will be cleaned by the heat.

Step 2: Now you have to take a cup of baking soda and pour it down the drain. And leave it to sit for five minutes. After 5 minutes, pour 1 cup of white vinegar into the drain. Keep in mind that you have to use only white vinegar.

Step 3: Now you will see that a kind of foam will start forming. This happens when baking soda and vinegar mix together. And you don’t need to worry about it.

Step 4: Now just cover the drain. And leave this foam to sit for 1 hour. This foam will clear all clogs in the drain. After an hour again take half a gallon of boiling water and rinse the drain.

This natural method doesn’t harm your drain and cleans the drain effortlessly by breaking down the drain’s debris and clearing out clogs.

Repair cracked floors:

Broken tiles or crevices on the bathroom floor are the best places for these bugs to hide.

If your bathroom floor or walls have cracks or are breaking from somewhere, make sure to get them repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can attract many other types of bugs to your bathroom.

Do not allow moisture to accumulate in the bathroom:

All these bugs like moisture the most and they thrive where there is moisture.

So keep in mind that if the sun or air does not reach your bathroom. So be sure to use an exhaust fan or if possible a dehumidifier.

And if you have a window in your bathroom, then definitely open it for 4 to 5 hours daily.

The more you keep the bathroom, kitchen, etc. away from moisture, the less likely these bugs are to attack.

Clean the bathroom floor regularly:

When you do not clean the bathroom floor regularly, then after bathing the soap layer on the floor gradually starts to settle. And after some time this slimy layer attracts these bugs. Therefore, try to regularly clean your bathroom floor with a cleaner.


We hope that now if you see these tiny black bugs in bathroom floor, then you will easily recognize them.

These five bugs are very common to see in bathrooms. And especially these appear only if you do not clean your bathroom drain for a long time. Or don’t clean the bathroom floor regularly.

However, they are not harmful. But still, no one wants such Filthy unwanted guests in their house.

If you follow the above-mentioned methods then you can easily get rid of them and also prevent them from coming back.

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