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What is Memory?

Ans:- A memory is an empty area in which data or information’s are stores temporarily or permanently according to the requirements. So a memory is categorized into Two types, 1) Primary memory ,or 2) Secondary memory. A memory storage capability is varied according to different sizes. These sizes are measure in terms of nibble, bits, byte, kilobytes(KB), megabytes(MB),giga bytes(GB) , Tera bytes (TB)etc……

For example:- 1 nibble= 4 bits, 1 byte= 8 bits , 1024 bytes=1 kb, 1024 kb=1 mb, 1024 mb= 1 gb, etc….

  • PRIMARY MEMORY:- These memories are very important part of the computer system because without these memories computer can not be works . Os is the first program which gets load into the RAM from Hard disk at first after switch on the computer . So these are the essential part of the computer system. Example of these types of memories are RAM, ROM,CACHE, REGISTER etc…
  • SECONDARY MEMORY:- These memories are not essential to install in the computer system . If a computer system have did not secondary memory than also system works with out any problems. So it is also known as external Memories. example of these types of memories are Hard disk(non removable ), Floppy disk, Optical Disk, Magnetic Tape, Falsh Drive etc.

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