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What is Operating System?

In short Operating System is Known as OS. Operating System is the crime or important part or software of the Computer system. Because it has the responsible to guide, controls and operates all the input/ output,memory, processor and all resources which are connected with the computer system.Operating System is first program of computer system which gets activated and gets load from hard disk to RAM Memory when switch on the computer. And it available in the RAM till the system will not shut down.It creates an interaction layer between the user and system. It is the third party coordinates between the user and system.Operating System have the responsibility to control all the tasks Like control Input / output devices, all memories management, Processor management and also takes decision in which part need to executes which have inputted by user. So it is also known as master software or soul of the computer system or Kernel / commander of the computer system . An Operating System is categorized into following types

  1. Batch Processing Operating System.
  2. Single User Single Tasking Operating System.
  3. Multi User Multi tasking Operating System.
  4. Time sharing Operating System.
  5. Distributed Operating System.
  6. Real Time Operating System.
  7. Network Operating System.

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